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Steel Tarps for Protecting Your Load

If your fleet typically carries loads for construction, you will need heavy-duty steel tarps to protect them. These tarps are designed specifically to protect steel materials used in construction and manufacturing. Millions of tons of steel are produced by local steel mills and need to be moved safely to job sites, reprocessing plants, depots, and […]

Benefits of Proper Tarp Usage

Tarpaulins—more commonly called tarps—can be used to cover as well as secure loads in trucks. There are many benefits to using this type of heavy duty tarpaulin. First of all, proper usage of tarps for trucks can make carrying loads in flatbeds, dump trucks, pickup trucks, and other truck types much easier and safer. They […]

Why Buy American-Made Tarps?

In a world that seems to be drowning in China-made products, there seems to be some hope. According to a 2015 survey done by Consumer Reports, eight out of 10 American shoppers would prefer to purchase goods that are made right here in the United States.  Even more encouraging is the fact that these consumers […]

Benefits of Tarps4less Mesh Tarps

Choosing the right material is important in the tarp selection process. From mesh to polyethylene, different applications call for different materials. A trusted retailer of tarps for trucks can point you in the right direction. Mesh tarp covers are different from other types of tarps because they have evenly spaced holes between the materials threads. […]

Christmas Cheer

Thanks for delivering Holiday Cheer!

Thanks for being a TRUCKER! Most people don’t know how things appear in the stores or even at their doors. Whether it is food for our tables or toy under the tree, a lot of work went into getting it there on time and in our homes.  We know all the hard work of loading […]

Trucker Tip - Sinkhole Escape

Trucker Tip – Sinkhole Escape

Trucker Tip – Sinkhole Escape With all the rain and flooding going on in South Carolina, it would seem, only a matter of time before you get caught in a sinkhole!  What do you do? Unless you work for OHDANG Hole Filler, Don’t use your truck to fill holes!… Checkout this Trucker Tip – Sinkhole […]

Fake Police at Truck Stops

Fake Police at Truck Stops!

Fake Police at Truck Stops! Sometimes you just have to trust your instinct,… The REAL police received reports of a police impersonator, at Texas area truck stops. The suspicious “officer” approached victims and demanding money.  Identifying himself as a special narcotic officer, the man threatened to arrest the victims if they did not comply. Complete with […]


Don’t let your Brakes – BREAK YOU!

Its time to check your brakes! According to Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, “CVSA”,  and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, “UDT- FMCSA“, this coming week will be a huge inspection spree that is estimated to check over 30,000 commercial vehicles. Here come the brake violations,… last year the spree inspected over 13,000+ commercial vehicles and […]

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