Rubber Tarp Straps vs. EPDM Tarp Straps – A Basic Guide

When purchasing tarp straps also referred to as bungees, you will come across different types that are classified according to the material used to make them. Tarps4Less carries both rubber tie down straps and EPDM straps. While they have the same purpose as rubber straps, there are key differences that could affect the way you […]

Quality Transport Chain and Binders – Made In USA

Securing loads must be done properly, and this can only be achieved with the right transport chain. The best high-quality chains and binders come from US-based manufacturers and retailers like American Tarps4Less. They carry both locally made and imported products at the lowest prices. Their product selection is carefully selected to ensure that you are […]

How to Repair Your Truck Tarp

Like your fleet, tarps for trucks are subject to the harshest and most demanding conditions on the road. Their job is to protect your cargo during transport, but over time can take a beating from the elements. Even if you invested in the highest-quality flatbed tarps from established manufacturers, you may start to notice small […]

Safety Tips for Truck Drivers on The Road

Anything can happen when you are on the road—especially when you are driving a truck carrying heavy cargo. Simple measures such as using the right chains and binders and tarps can make a huge difference in ensuring not only the security of your cargo but also the safety of other drivers. You need to purchase […]

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