Headache Rack 2 TraysHeadache Rack 2 Trays

Headache Rack 2 Trays

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Headache Rack 2 Trays

Engineered from high strength premium aluminum alloy.  Cab racks provide excellent storage options for your trucking operations.  Store almost anything,…  5/16″ chains, 3/8″ chains, chain binders, portable cargo straps, rubber straps, lumber tarps, steel tarps, v boards, 4′ dunnage boards, 8′ dunnage boards, corner protections, cheater bars, coil racks, shovels, brooms, spare tires, and ladders.


WARNING – Cab racks offer minimum resistance to an impacting (dynamic or load in motion) load resulting from a wreck or moving payload shifting.

*Function: by their very nature Cab Racks cannot meet the requirements of CFR 393.114.a. All load securement should be per CFR 393.100 to 393.132.


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