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Court Ruling: Team Truckers to be Paid for Over Eight Hours in Sleeper Berths

Court Ruling: Team Truckers to be Paid for Over Eight Hours in Sleeper Berths - Tarps4Less

David Harris |

In a landmark decision that could significantly impact the trucking industry, the United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit has ruled in favor of truckers in a case against CRST Expedited and CRST International. The court's decision, dated December 12, 2023, mandates that truckers must be paid for sleeper berth time exceeding eight hours under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

The Case at a Glance

The case, led by Juan Carlos Montoya and a group of truckers, argued that CRST violated the FLSA by not compensating them for time spent in the sleeper berth beyond eight hours in a 24-hour period. The truckers contended that, under CRST's team driving model, sleeper berth time should be considered "on duty" and thus compensated, especially since it often extends beyond the eight hours designated as non-compensable sleeping period.

Implications for Team Truckers

This ruling acknowledges the unique challenges faced by team truckers. In CRST's model, drivers trade on and off driving and non-driving times until reaching their destination. This approach allows trucks to remain in near-continuous motion, complying with DOT regulations while benefiting CRST through faster deliveries. The court noted that such continuous travel is only possible because of the resting driver's time in the sleeper berth.

A Closer Look at Sleeper Berth Conditions

The court found that while drivers are technically free to engage in personal activities during their sleeper berth time, the nature of their work significantly limits these activities. Drivers are confined to a small space within a moving truck, often unable to stand or sit up comfortably and in constant proximity to engine noise, reducing their ability to relax or sleep effectively.

The Burden on Drivers

Furthermore, the court recognized that sleeper berth time places more than a "minimal burden" on drivers. The nature of team driving means that the resting driver could be called upon for emergency assistance during their off-duty period. These conditions, along with the physical limitations of the sleeper berth, suggest that this time predominantly benefits the employer.

The Court's Conclusion

The court concluded that sleeper berth time exceeding eight hours per day is compensable work under the FLSA. This ruling underscores the need for fair compensation for the restrictive and often challenging conditions faced by team truckers. It marks a significant shift in how the trucking industry must recognize and compensate the crucial rest periods of its drivers.

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