Web Winches

Collection: Web Winches

Web winches are important accessories for both trucks and off-road vehicles, giving truck drivers and off-roaders a safe and efficient way to store winch straps by rolling them up into a manageable spool. Too many truckers waste a great amount of time disentangling snarled straps each time they need to secure a load or lay down tarps for trucks. Web winches can make your life 10 times easier by making sure that your tarp and winch straps are kept tangle-free and ready to use on a daily basis.

Tangled tarp straps can speed up wear to your tie-down accessories. Improper storage of your rubber or nylon straps can cause damage to the material, making them weaker and more prone to breakage. With a web winch, you not only have an easier and faster way to store tarp straps—you also protect them from damage as they neatly roll up into a manageable spool. They are also essential components of a tie-down setup, ensuring that your load is secure. These products are designed to handle great load capacities and can be used for a wide variety of tie-down applications.

If you are on the market for high-quality winches, Tarps4Less is the perfect place to purchase the right type of strap spool for your truck. Specializing in all types of truck accessories—from mesh and rubber straps to transport chains and binders, winches, and winch bars—Tarps4Less is your absolute best choice for trucking and load security needs. We guarantee the best quality for all our featured products.

Our collection of winches includes weld-on and slider models, which can readily be installed on your truck’s winch rods. They come in a wide range of sizes to accommodate different strap widths. These products meet the highest industry standards and are built using the highest grade, heat-treated steel materials, with smooth and seamless web slot mechanisms to ensure functionality. They offer heavy-duty workload limits, thus ensuring the safety of most, if not all types of truck loads.