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Truck / Trailer Winches

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Enhance Your Load Securing with Top-Quality Winches for Trucks and Flatbed Trailers

Welcome to Tarps4Less, your ultimate destination for a comprehensive collection of high-quality winches designed specifically for trucks and flatbed trailers. Our wide range of winches includes:

  • Ratcheting Portawinch: This versatile winch features a 3-bar design and ratcheting capability, ensuring secure fastening of heavy-duty cargo for worry-free transportation.
  • Web Strap Winder: Keep your winch straps organized and tangle-free with this essential accessory, offering a convenient and efficient storage solution.
  • Wilson Slider Winch: Experience flexibility with this winch that allows you to position tie-down straps precisely where needed along the sides, front, or back of your trailer, ensuring maximum load security.
  • Utility Slider Winch: Achieve reliable and versatile load securing with this winch, providing flexibility in strap positioning to accommodate various cargo configurations.
  • Winch C Track 6' - Aluminum: Crafted from durable aluminum, this winch provides robust anchoring points for your straps on a C-track system, combining strength and convenience.
  • Weld-On Winch - Bottom Mount: Designed for permanent installation on trucks or trailers, this winch offers a secure and long-lasting mounting solution for consistent load securement.
  • Portable Winch w/2SS - Bottom Mount: Enjoy the convenience of portability with this winch, featuring a two-sided strap slot and a bottom mount design for easy installation and use.
  • Low Profile Portable Winch w/2SS - Side Mount: With its low-profile design and two-sided strap slot, this winch offers hassle-free side mounting, providing quick access and efficient load securing.
  • Slider Winch - Bottom Mount: Ensure smooth and efficient strap adjustment along the length of your trailer with this bottom-mounted winch, offering precise load securing capabilities.
  • Double L Track Slider Winch: Specifically designed for L-track systems, this winch guarantees secure strap positioning and effortless adjustment, meeting the demands of various tie-down applications.
  • Kwik Strap Winder: Streamline the storage and organization of your winch straps with this compact and efficient tool, offering a convenient solution for winding and storing your straps neatly.

Our web winches play a vital role in trucks and off-road vehicles, providing a safe and efficient method for storing winch straps. By rolling the straps into manageable spools, these web winches eliminate tangles and provide quick and hassle-free access whenever needed. Not only do they save you valuable time, but they also protect your straps from damage, ensuring their longevity and performance.

At Tarps4Less, we specialize in trucking and load security accessories, ensuring our products deliver unmatched quality, durability, and reliability. Our winches are built to exceed industry standards, crafted from premium materials to provide exceptional strength and secure tie-down points. With high load capacity and precise functionality, our winches offer the utmost safety for your truck loads.

Invest in our top-quality winches today and experience the difference they make in enhancing your load securing operations. Trust Tarps4Less for all your trucking accessories needs, providing reliable performance and peace of mind.

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