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All-Purpose Blue Poly Tarp

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When it comes to securing and transporting a load, it is always essential to cover your cargo with high-quality flatbed tarps. However, with the wide variety of truck tarps on the market today, it can be difficult to find the right product to use for the kind and size of the load that you are transporting and the type of truck you are driving. Many seasoned truckers use the ubiquitous poly blue tarps for trucks for a reason. Not only are these tarps made and designed for all-purpose use—they also offer the best value, being cheaper compared to their vinyl and canvas counterparts.

Here at Tarps4Less, you will find an entire range of heavy duty and superior quality truck tarps built for all kinds of hauling applications. Our products offer the best coverage and the durability you need to make sure that your tie down setups are secure and tight.

Poly blue tarps are often considered a ‘jack of all trades.’ They are made out of polyethylene, which makes them suitable for any and all types of coverage and tie down applications. Poly tarps are the most widely available types of truck tarp you will find on the market, largely because they are also the cheapest kind you can purchase. This makes poly blue tarps for trucks the choice for those who run on tight budgets. Polyethylene tarps typically come in a characteristic blue hue, thus the term blue poly tarp, although there is also an entire wheel of color options you can choose from if you aren’t fond of the ubiquitous blue shade or simply want to make your trucks more distinctive and recognizable out in the field.

Do note that poly blue tarps lack the durability of duck canvas and vinyl mesh tarps, which make them less suitable for extreme and long-term use. Polyethylene also tends to turn brittle under severe weather conditions, making it prone to tears and rips. When shopping for blue poly tarps, make sure they have been treated with the right protective finishes that work to make them more resistant to the elements.
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