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Secure interior logistics with a fool-proof e-track system. When tying down machinery tarps, it is essential to have the right ratchet strap & E-fitting hardware to make sure that your load doesn’t get damaged from moving inside and around your enclosed trailer. E-track is the industry standard for tying down cargo, machinery, equipment, and other types of load during transport. To make sure that your load is kept intact inside your truck, you need quality tie-down equipment that is built for the job.

When shopping for ratchet straps, machinery tarpaulin, and E-fitting accessories, one thing you should consider is the right type of hardware to use for the job at hand. Be sure to buy the right strap type, which is critical to ensuring security. Cambuckle straps, although simpler and a lot quicker to use, are less tight than ratchet straps, making them more suitable for lighter loads. For heavier cargo, ratchet straps and E-fitting hardware are recommended, as they can stand higher amounts of tension and can be tightened way more than cambuckle straps.

E-tracks come in 2 types of configurations. Horizontal e-tracks have slots perpendicular to the sides of the track rails. Slots are evenly spaced at 2” intervals. They can be mounted on the walls of enclosed trailers as well as on the floor of a flatbed. Like vertical e-track configurations, this type of set-up allows for numerous anchor points at which axle straps, rope ties, and d-rings can be attached for securing machinery tarpaulins and other tie down applications. Vertical tracks, on the other hand, are ideal for creating tie down points that accommodate cargo of varying sizes and heights as well as for creating a support system for decking beams, which are typically used to create a second level for cargo.

Tarps4Less offers a variety of interior logistics accessories—all available at the best price points on the market. Choose from durable E-track fittings, ratchet straps, cargo bars, trays, and e-track systems that are built to ensure stability and durability when tying down different types of cargo. Don’t know which product is best for your intended application? Contact us and we can make a recommendation.