Steel Tarps

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Steel Tarps | Heavy-Duty Flatbed Tarps for Steel and Heavy Loads

Protect and secure your heavy loads with our robust Steel Tarps collection. These tarps are specifically designed for the tough demands of flatbed trucking, offering top-notch protection for smaller, weighty loads. Choose from our popular 12' wide tarps, also known as 2' drop tarps, or the larger 16' wide versions, known as 4' drop tarps. Each is equipped with strategically positioned D-rings for secure bungee usage - one row on the 12' tarp, and two rows on the 16' tarp.

  • Durable Protection: Our tarps are built tough, protecting your cargo from harsh weather conditions.
  • Secure Fit: The smartly positioned D-rings on our tarps ensure a secure fit for all load sizes.
  • Less Wind Damage: Right bungee placement helps your tarp last longer by reducing wind damage.
  • Range of Options: Pick from a variety of colors, with or without end flaps, all ready to ship and easy on the pocket.
  • Custom Tarps: Need a tarp that's specifically tailored for you? No problem. Call us at (877) 874-5377, and our team will sort it out.

Remember, taking a few extra minutes to identify and pad sharp corners and edges can save you a lot of hassle later, especially when hauling steel or machinery. Check out our cargo control section for affordable corner protectors that'll help you out.

At Tarps4Less, we're all ears for your feedback. Got comments, questions, or suggestions? Call us. We're always looking for ways to help truckers like you get the most bang for your buck. Safety for your cargo and value for your money - that's what we're about.