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Machinery Tarps

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Machinery Tarps | Durable Flatbed Tarps for Large Equipment and Irregular Loads

Transport your oversized, uniquely-shaped machinery with confidence using our specialized Machinery Tarps. Designed to cater to loads commonly carried on drop deck trailers, our machinery tarps are perfect for covering loads up to 10' wide x 8' tall or 8' wide x 9' tall. Each tarp is equipped with one tail flap and two rain flaps to seal corners, providing comprehensive protection against the elements. With three or four rows of D-rings on each side and tail flap, and an additional row across the end, our tarps offer secure and reliable coverage. The first D-ring row is strategically placed 24" above the grommeted hem, with each subsequent row an additional 24" higher.

  • Perfect Fit for Your Machinery: Specifically designed for oversized and uniquely-shaped machinery, our tarps offer a reliable and tailored solution for your hauling needs.
  • Comprehensive Protection: Equipped with one tail flap and two rain flaps, our tarps ensure all corners are sealed, providing complete protection against dirt, dust, and weather elements.
  • Secure and Reliable Coverage: With three or four rows of D-rings on each side and tail flap, along with an additional row across the end, our tarps offer a secure and reliable coverage for your machinery.
  • Strategically Placed D-rings: The first D-ring row is positioned 24" above the grommeted hem, with subsequent rows placed 24" higher, allowing for easy and efficient tie-down options.
  • Sold in Pairs: Please note that due to shipping costs, our machinery tarps are sold in pairs online. For single tarp purchases or specific inquiries, please contact our sales team at (877) 874-5377.
  • Custom Tarp Options: We understand that every load is unique. If you require a custom tarp that fits your specific requirements, our dedicated team is ready to assist you. Contact us at (877) 874-5377.
  • Prevent Damage, Save Costs: Take a few minutes to identify and pad sharp corners and edges before tarping. Consider using scrap pieces or browse our cargo controls section for affordable corner protectors.

At Tarps4Less, we appreciate your feedback. If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions on how we can better serve your needs as a flatbed owner-operator, we'd love to hear from you. Our ultimate goal is to ensure the safe transport of your valuable cargo while helping you maximize your spending power.

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