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Steel Tarps for Protecting Your Load

Steel Tarps for Protecting Your Load - Tarps4Less

Josh Albertson |

If your fleet typically carries loads for construction, you will need heavy-duty steel tarps to protect them. These tarps are designed specifically to protect steel materials used in construction and manufacturing. Millions of tons of steel are produced by local steel mills and need to be moved safely to job sites, reprocessing plants, depots, and factories across the US. During transport, they require the utmost protection to prevent theft, loss, and damage. For this reason, it makes sense to cover them with high-quality tarps for trucks that are manufactured in the US by trusted and established companies like Tarps4Less.

The type of load you haul will determine the construction and size of truck tarps and those that are made to cover steel are designed specifically to protect the physical characteristics of the material. Steel is heavy and while it may not take up too much space on the truck, it occupies a lot of the vehicle’s weight capacity. Once the legal weight limit is reached, the load of steel may not necessarily be too high. Unlike tarps for machinery and lumber, which have a higher drop, Steel tarps are designed with a two-foot or four-foot drop. They are typically longer at around 26 feet, to cover half the length of the trailer with an overlap, as cut steel sheets and long steel products can be as long as the trailer cargo and may require full coverage with a set of two tarpaulins.

Truck tarps that are designed for steel are configured to cover the smaller height and heavier loads. American made Tarps4Less manufactures tarps at 12 feet wide with a two-foot drop and 16 feet wide with four-foot drop, with a row of D-rings on the former and two rows of D-rings on the latter. The rings are evenly spaced to establish an eight feet center. This way, you can cover and effectively bungee even the shortest loads.

When it comes to steel tarps, you need to ensure that they come with extra and properly placed bungees to prolong their lifespan, as they help minimize wind-whip damage. You can get these tarps with or without the end flaps and in the colors that you want. Tarps4Less can customize steel tarps with your logo or other graphics if you want products that can further promote your branding.