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Things to Consider While Buying Winch Bars for Your Truck

Things to Consider While Buying Winch Bars for Your Truck - Tarps4Less

Josh Albertson |

When transporting cargo on flatbed trucks or trailers, you will need a high-quality winch bar for trucks and the right accessories to go with them to keep your load secure for the journey. Road and weather conditions can put your cargo’s security and quality at risk, so it is advisable to consider their protection and how you keep them in place.

Different types of winch bars and truck winch accessories are available, and you can readily purchase them from a reputable distributor and retailer of truck tarps, like Tarps4Less. Here are some of the things to consider when shopping:

  • Choose the right retailer – Consider buying from a US-based company that produces its own tarps and winch accessories to save you money. Tarps4Less buys materials in bulk to lower costs. They also keep their overhead expenses lower with streamlined production methods—and they pass the savings on to their customers.
  • Go over the selection of winch bars – Reputable providers carry a wide array of winch bars for trucks and trailers. Tarps4Less has the Ancra Combination Box Ergo winch bar, which is ergonomically designed to keep the tip and handle parallel or other heat-treated and cycle-tested winch bar to suit your taste.
  • Know the difference – Ergo 360 bars come in standard and combination box options. The latter has an ergonomic design to maintain a parallel alignment of the tip and handle for optimum leverage. It is uniquely shaped, with a binder box and knurled texture grip, weighing only six pounds. The binder box is used to release the tension from the chain binders, and the bar can make a full rotation to accommodate different clearance heights. The bar has a bend to eliminate extreme angles and the mushroom tip keeps the bar in a winch cap. The standard painted Ergo winch bar weights five pounds, with an end collar and a knurled textured grip for easy handling. It can make a full rotation to give way to various clearance heights as well.
  • Consider colored winch bars for truck – Tarps4Less carries a six-pound Combo Box of painted winch bars with a knurled texture grip in two grip points on its handle, and finished with a high-gloss paint. There is also a standard version that weighs five pounds. Both have been cycle-tested and heat-treated to withstand heavy use.