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Don’t let your Brakes – BREAK YOU!

Don’t let your Brakes – BREAK YOU! - Tarps4Less

Josh Albertson |

Its time to check your brakes!

According to Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, “CVSA”, and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, “UDT- FMCSA“, this coming week will be a huge inspection spree that is estimated to check over 30,000 commercial vehicles.

Here come the brake violations,… last year the spree inspected over 13,000+ commercial vehicles and left 2,000+ sited as “Out of Service”. That is almost 15%! If that is any indication of what’s to come, don’t be apart of the 4,500 that they plan on this year.

If you’re not ready, they will be,… here are a few things they are looking for:

  • Air Brake Mechanical Components
  • Steering Axle
  • Push Rod Travel
  • Air Pressure
  • ABS
  • Indicator Lamps
  • Linings/Drums, and Valves
  • Air Loss
  • Warning Devices
  • Tractor Protection Systems

and more

See the full list at – BSW2015

We know, that you know your truck, so be safe and ride with pride!

This Nation wide event happens twice a year, this just happens to be the one that is announced. The “unannounced” version is a non-disclosed day, occurring in the spring.

So be ready and Don’t Let Your Brakes – BREAK YOU!