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Fake Police at Truck Stops!

Fake Police at Truck Stops! - Tarps4Less

Josh Albertson |

Sometimes you just have to trust your instinct,…

The REAL police received reports of a police impersonator, at Texas area truck stops. The suspicious “officer” approached victims and demanding money.  Identifying himself as a special narcotic officer, the man threatened to arrest the victims if they did not comply.

Complete with a badge, radio and police hat, the impostor  proceeded to harass truck drivers.  With a made up back story he was able to preform vehicle searches on tired drivers that were previously sleeping in their trucks.  When questioned about his authenticity, by a driver that was being searched, the suspect brazenly assaulted the driver.  Pinning him against the door of the cab he was able to relieve the driver of his wallet.  Other drivers were said to have refused the impostor policeman’s demands and proceeded to call the police.

While having fake police at truck stops might sound like something out of a movie plot, impostor police are more common than you might think!  According to USA Today, New York City has over 100 arrest annually for this crime!  As a result, the creation of a dedicated specialized unit was formed to combat the issue.  If you are not sure about the person attempting to detain you, Police recommend that you call them right away! The real police will confirm if it is a legitimate officer.

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