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Enhance Your Load Security with the 16' x 27' Steel Flatbed Tarp from Tarps4Less

Enhance Your Load Security with the 16' x 27' Steel Flatbed Tarp from Tarps4Less - Tarps4Less

David Harris |

Secure your cargo with the 16' x 27' Steel Flatbed Tarp featuring a 4ft. Drop and 2 Rows of D-Rings, now available for just $219.00 at Tarps4Less. This lightweight yet durable tarp is designed to protect your steel and machinery during transport, providing both excellent coverage and ease of use.

Why Choose Our 16' x 27' Steel Tarp?

The 16' x 27' steel flatbed tarp is tailored to safeguard your load with efficiency and reliability. Here’s why it’s the ideal choice for your hauling needs:

  • Optimized Coverage: With dimensions of 16 feet by 27 feet and a 4-foot drop, this tarp is perfect for covering steel, machinery, and other similar loads, ensuring they are protected from weather and road conditions.

  • Lightweight Design: Weighing just 69 lbs and made from robust material, this tarp is easy to handle and deploy, reducing the workload on your crew and minimizing setup time.

  • Strong and Secure: The tarp includes two rows of D-Rings, providing ample tie-down points to secure the tarp to the load effectively, preventing any shifting or exposure during transit.

Features at a Glance

  • Size: 16' x 27'
  • Drop: 4 ft
  • Weight: 69 lbs
  • Fabric: Durable construction for lasting use
  • D-Rings: 2 rows for secure and versatile tie-downs

Competitive Pricing for Premium Quality

Get this premium steel flatbed tarp for just $219.00. We offer flexible payment options, including 4 interest-free installments to make your purchase easier on your budget.

Fast, Reliable Shipping Across the U.S.

Tarps4Less is committed to fast and reliable shipping, ensuring that your tarp arrives quickly and ready for use, no matter where you are in the country.

Simple Installation Process

To effectively use your new steel tarp, follow these steps:

  1. Unroll the Tarp: Spread the tarp over your load, ensuring it covers all sides and the top completely.
  2. Secure with D-Rings: Use the provided two rows of D-Rings to attach ropes or straps, pulling them tight to secure the tarp around your load.
  3. Check for Secure Fit: Double-check that the tarp is snug and secure, with no loose areas that could lead to damage or loss during transport.

Why Tarps4Less?

At Tarps4Less, we stand by our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Our tarps are designed to meet the toughest demands of the road and provide you with secure, reliable protection for your cargo.

Order your 16' x 27' Steel Flatbed Tarp today and experience the best in cargo protection. Visit or call us at 877-874-5377 for more information or to make a purchase.