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Protect Your Lumber with the 24' x 27' Heavy-Duty Lumber Tarp from Tarps4Less

Protect Your Lumber with the 24' x 27' Heavy-Duty Lumber Tarp from Tarps4Less - Tarps4Less

David Harris |

For those who need reliable, heavy-duty protection for their lumber, the 24' x 27' Lumber Tarp with an 8ft. Drop and 3 Rows of D-Rings is the perfect solution. Available now for just $296.00 at Tarps4Less, this tarp is designed to keep your lumber safe and secure under all conditions.

Why Our 24' x 27' Lumber Tarp?

The 24' x 27' lumber tarp is specifically designed to handle the rigors of protecting large loads of lumber and other materials. Here are the key features that make this tarp a must-have:

  • Extensive Coverage: Measuring 24 feet by 27 feet with an 8-foot drop, this tarp provides comprehensive coverage for large loads, ensuring your lumber is well-protected from the elements.

  • Robust Construction: Crafted from durable 18 oz. fabric and weighing 108 lbs, this tarp is built to last and withstand harsh weather conditions, keeping your cargo secure.

  • Enhanced Security: With three rows of D-Rings and reinforced grommets, this tarp offers multiple tie-down points, ensuring a tight and secure fit over your cargo.

Features at a Glance

  • Size: 24' x 27'
  • Drop: 8 ft
  • Weight: 108 lbs
  • Fabric Weight: 18 oz.
  • D-Rings: 3 rows for enhanced tie-down capabilities

Pricing That Meets Your Budget

Priced at just $296.00, our lumber tarp represents a fantastic value, combining quality and durability at a cost-effective price point. We also offer payment flexibility with 4 interest-free installments starting from $26.72/month.

Reliable and Fast Shipping

Get your tarp fast with Tarps4Less’s efficient shipping service, ensuring that your tarp is delivered promptly anywhere in the United States, no matter your location.

Installation Made Simple

To ensure your tarp covers your load securely, follow these easy steps:

  1. Deploy the Tarp: Carefully unfold and spread the tarp over your lumber, ensuring the entire load is covered.
  2. Secure with D-Rings: Utilize the three rows of D-Rings to tie down the tarp using ropes or straps, ensuring even tension across the entire surface.
  3. Inspect and Adjust: After securing the tarp, inspect the setup to ensure there are no loose areas that could catch the wind or allow water ingress.

Choose Tarps4Less for Unmatched Quality

At Tarps4Less, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality tarps and coverings, ensuring that every product meets our rigorous standards. With our focus on customer satisfaction, you can rely on us for all your tarp needs.

Order your 24' x 27' Lumber Tarp with 8ft Drop today and protect your lumber with confidence. Visit us at or call 877-874-5377 for more information or to place your order.