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How to Use Ratchet Straps Like A Pro

Josh Albertson |

Ratchet straps are some of the most widely used truck winch accessories and tie down tools for securing loads. Also called lashing straps, tie downs, or simply cargo straps, these straps are essentially fasteners for holding equipment or cargo down during transport. Ancra ratchet straps are typically made out of strong webbing that comes with tie down hardware. The tie down hardware enables the strap to attach securely to the area around the cargo and loop around loads for proper tie down. In addition to the tie down hardware and ratcheting assembly that comes with most ratchet straps, these accessories can also be outfitted with different kinds of end fittings and assemblies for even more flexible usage.

To be able to maximize your use of Ancra ratchet straps, it is important to know the tools maximum BS (break strength) and WLL (working load limit). This will allow you to better gauge the strength of the straps you are using and whether or not they are appropriate to use for the kind of load you are securing. Every component of a ratchet strap—from the webbing to the end fittings and the ratchet—has its own break strength. This rating determines the amount of force or weight that each component can take before breaking or failing. Tie down assemblies are only as strong as their weakest point, so consider the component with the smallest or the lowest break strength rating as your basis for gauging the strength of the entire assembly.

The strap’s working load limit on the other hand, can be determined based on the assembly’s break strength. Take a third of the break strength rating of the ratchet strap’s weakest component and you will get the assembly’s working load limit. For instance, a ratchet strap whose weakest component has a 10,000 lbs. break strength would have a load limit of up to 3,333 lbs. This means that you can only use the strap assembly for loads equal to or less than this amount of weight.

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