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How to Choose the Right Tarp for Your Truck

Josh Albertson |

Truck tarps are essential tools for protecting cargo on trucks, whether it’s a flatbed, a dump truck, or any other type of hauling or heavy duty transport equipment. That being said, not all trucks and cargo are the same. It is very important to find the right type of tarps for trucks that are best suited for your particular application. Here are some important considerations to think about when choosing the right kind of tarp for your load securement needs:

  • Do you need custom made tarps or will stock options be good enough for your cargo applications? The great thing about tarps for trucks is that they can be made specific to your load securement requirements. Manufacturers of truck tarps offer customization options that help users design truck tarps according to their unique needs and specifications. There are also stock options available in standard sizes for those who don’t have very complex load securement needs and only need tarps for basic tie downs.
  • Tarps for trucks come in various weights and thicknesses. The thicker the tarp is, the heavier it gets and the more protection it offers against the elements. Tighter tarp weaves are great for cargo that requires complete protection from the outside elements. However, lighter weight tarps might be better for loads that require some degree of air circulation.
  • Costs vary when it comes to truck tarps. Prices for standard tarps don’t vary as widely, although custom made tarps can be more expensive, especially when it comes to much larger sizes than standard sheets.
  • Truck tarps also vary in terms of color. While tarp color typically doesn’t matter for short-distance transport, long-distance hauls are a different story as they require greater visibility. Most tarps for trucks come in high contrast colors so that they are easy to spot on the road.
  • Additional features, like D-rings, are also important considerations when choosing the right tarp for your truck. Find tarps that have strong D-rings, reinforced hems, thicker threading, and stronger grommets for increased durability and lifespan, especially when hauling large amounts of cargo that require tight tie downs.

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