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Why Mesh Tarps are Perfect for Dump Trucks and Trailers

Josh Albertson |

The world of tarps is huge and diverse. There is probably a type of tarp for use on every kind of truck and cargo imaginable. This is why every truck driver should have a good supply of tarps—and the right kind for their use. Mesh truck tarps are unique in that they are made from tightly woven PVC fibers meshed together to create a solid sheet of tarp. Heavy duty mesh tarps are ideal for trailers and dump trucks, regardless of whether you use a manual or mechanical tarp system.

Mesh tarps are preferred by dump truck and trailer drivers, not only because of their durability and reliability, but also because they ensure compliance with state and federal regulations. The law requires that all loads transported and carried over long routes must be properly secured with the right load securing equipment. Dump trucks typically carry stone, gravel, and other types of aggregate material, which are loose and prone to flying off the back of a truck. Proper containment must be ensured. Mesh truck tarps are an excellent choice for securing dump truck loads because they ensure adequate load containment and control without having to keep elements out. Because mesh tarps are breathable, they are also great for securing loads that requires good airflow.

Heavy duty mesh tarps are designed for maximum durability. They are typically made out of PVC, a tough material capable of withstanding stress and pressure. Some are made using PVC-coated vinyl, which adds to the tarp’s strength and durability. Investing in higher quality mesh truck tarps will help you make sure that your tarps last much longer than generic poly tarps.

Mesh tarps are also the best choice for securing loads on trailers because they are relatively lightweight and extremely flexible. This means they are much easier to manually secure over cargo and affix to mechanical tarping systems. PVC mesh tarps do not bunch up like other types of tarps and they prevent entanglement, which is a common problem in other types of tarps when installed in tarping mechanisms. They can be used with the most basic or complex tarping systems, making coverage and tie down applications effortless. With purpose-built heavy-duty mesh tarps, you don’t have to worry about your tarp system with every load securement task. Whether you need a new tarp for your mechanical rig or for manual tarping, mesh truck tarps make a good investment.