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4 Reasons You’ll Need a Tarp for Winter

Josh Albertson |

Tarps are incredibly versatile tools that work wonders in many applications—be it in a domestic, recreational, or industrial setting. Heavy duty truck tarps are not only useful in securing cargo and truck loads. Tarps for trucks that are made from heavy duty materials are also excellent for protecting all kinds of properties, assets, and goods. Apart from securing your truck’s load, here are even more reasons why you may want to invest in heavy duty truck tarps for the winter season:

  1. For covering hay bales – Tarps for trucks also double as hay tarps. As winter approaches, you want your harvests of hay to remain covered and protected from the cold weather. Standard tarp sizes that are best for covering hay stacks range from 48 to 52 feet, although many tarp manufacturers offer custom sizing options to accommodate your unique needs.
  2. For covering sports fields and/or recreational spaces – Heavy duty truck tarps are also useful as field coverage for golf courses, tennis courts, baseball fields, and similar types of sports and recreational spaces in case of snow or rain. Tarps help keep fields usable, despite inclement weather, and they come in a wide range of heavy-duty options, including those made from reinforced polyethylene for extreme durability.
  3. For covering wood piles – Whether transporting lumber or storing piles of wood outside, tarps for trucks are also useful for keeping wood protected from the elements. Lumber tarps are ideal for protecting wood from damp and moist conditions that can be extremely damaging to wood. Choose tarps that offer excellent water resistance to avoid potential damage on your lumber or firewood supply.

For protecting your RV, boat, trailer, or outdoor equipment – If you don’t have a garage or shed to keep these machines protected from the rigors of winter, investing in heavy duty truck tarps is your next best option. Tarps come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, including custom designs to help you provide ample covering for your belongings. Keeping your machinery and equipment protected from snow and the cold is crucial to their maintenance. Invest in heavy duty tarps that can provide ample coverage for your equipment if you don’t want to pay for expensive repairs caused by exposure to the elements. Prevention is always best and tarps make excellent shields against the negative effects of the cold weather on your equipment.