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Transport Chains: Improve Road Safety and Prevent Associated Risks

Transport Chains: Improve Road Safety and Prevent Associated Risks - Tarps4Less

Josh Albertson |

Everyone experiences a degree of anxiety when even the smallest cargo leans precariously to one side, or when loads bounce up and down during transit. A shifting load is another major cause of worry, along with cargo rolling back and forth in the truck bed. This is why there is always a need for heavy duty flatbed chains and binders that can help prevent loads from spilling onto the road and causing devastating accidents. Tarps4Less offers a comprehensive array of load securement products – ranging from transport chain systems to tarps, winch straps, wire ropes, and other tie down assembles, all designed to help you keep your load intact during transit.

There are many types of tie down assembles, braces, and block systems used for cargo securement. Of all these methods, tie downs are most widely and frequently used because they offer great flexibility in terms of the types of loads that they can secure. Tie down systems typically consist of chains, ropes, cables, or webbing, along with binders, ratchets, hooks, and bolts. There is a proper tie-down assembly for every type of cargo securement application, but the most important factor you should consider when shopping for transport chain systems is durability and strength. Flatbed chains and binders are rated in terms of their strength and durability—a far more important criterion to look for than price when making a purchase decision. Saving a few dollars on a cheaper assembly could cost you more money and stress in the long run if choosing tie down assemblies that are inadequate for your needs.

A transport chain makes an excellent tie-down option because of its strength and innate durability. These chains do weigh more than other binding and tie down systems and tend to cause physical damage to certain types of cargo. This is why considering the types of load that you are carrying or their modes of transport or storage is also important when choosing the right type of load securement method to use. Flatbed chains and binders are categorized according to their grade or rating. This is typically based on their intended use, such as lifting or securing cargo. Grades 30 and 40 signify utility chains, while transport chains are graded at 70. Anything higher (80 and 100) is intended for lifting. The higher the chain grade, the greater its strength and the less “give” or “bend” it has. Transport chains tend to be lighter than other types of cargo chains, but they are still significantly heavier than other types of load securement accessories.