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Quality Transport Chain and Binders – Made In USA

Quality Transport Chain and Binders – Made In USA - Tarps4Less

Josh Albertson |

Securing loads must be done properly, and this can only be achieved with the right transport chain. The best high-quality chains and binders come from US-based manufacturers and retailers like American Tarps4Less. They carry both locally made and imported products at the lowest prices. Their product selection is carefully selected to ensure that you are buying only the highest-quality grab hooks and the strongest chains available. By choosing products that are made in the USA, you save money and can be confident in the guarantee that comes with your purchase.

Grade 70 transport chains come in 5/16”, 3/8” and 1/2”, and can be purchased 16’,20’,25’ lengths as well as in bulk. By choosing this type of transport chain, you are guaranteed a high-strength product that is useful in most heavy-duty applications. The same grade is also applied to high-tensile chains, cargo chains, trucking chains, and binder chains for tie-down and cargo control (not intended for overhead lifting). You can purchase drums of this chain in different lengths.

Large loads are ideally secured with a grade 70 transport chain with all the necessary binders, as it has an efficient weight-to-strength ratio that is only achievable through heat treatment and drops forging. It ensures that your load is secure in the event of tight turns or sudden drops. Grade 70 flatbed chains and binders are typically identified by the numbers seven, 70, or 700, which is embossed on the surface. They are easily identifiable by the yellow zinc chromate color.

Accessories such as hooks and flatbed chains and binders must be chosen carefully and matched for the transport chain.

American Tarps4Less carries all these products, including flatbed chains and binders. The terms load binders and chain binders are often used interchangeably. The binder is a chain tensioning device for anchoring, clamping, binding, or tying down large cargo loads, and most sellers typically carry both ratchet and lever binders. Ratchet binders are also known as ‘ratchet chains’ and apply tension to the chain and secure cargo through a ratcheting action. Lever binders are snap binders that rely on leverage to secure and tighten loads.