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Rubber Tarp Straps vs. EPDM Tarp Straps – A Basic Guide

Rubber Tarp Straps vs. EPDM Tarp Straps – A Basic Guide - Tarps4Less

Josh Albertson |

When purchasing tarp straps also referred to as bungees, you will come across different types that are classified according to the material used to make them. Tarps4Less carries both rubber tie down straps and EPDM straps. While they have the same purpose as rubber straps, there are key differences that could affect the way you secure your cargo under certain conditions. For instance, if you spend bulk of your time in canada you will want straps made of rubber otherwise EPDM is the right choice. Tarp straps from Tarps4Less are durable and can withstand different climate and temperature conditions.

EPDM stands for ‘ethylene propylene diene monomer,’ a synthetic rubber that is resistant to acids, ozone, bases and heat. These properties make it an ideal material for tie down straps. It is commonly used in automobiles in the form of belts, hoses and seals. It is made to withstand a variety of climates.

Rubber tarp straps are typically cost-effective when you buy them in bulk. They often come in quantities of 50 straps per box, in different sizes like 15 inches, 21 inches, and 31 inches long. You can link them together to accommodate any type or size load. EPDM rubber straps that are made in the USA last longer, making them more cost-effective in the long run compared to buying imported rubber straps.

Tarps4Less carries EPDM rubber tie down straps and other related accessories and equipment for securing loads. Consider buying strap winders, straps, chains, hand ratchet strap assemblies, winch bars, lumber hauler packs, grommet kits, and oversized load signs from the same company so you get the benefit of a no hassle guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the quality, simply return them unused within seven days from receipt to get a full refund.