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20' X 26' Lightweight Wallboard Tarp

20' X 26' Lightweight Wallboard Tarp

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A 20' X 26' Lightweight Wallboard Tarp with 6′ drops on each side, a tail flap, and 2 rows of D-rings all the way around, that weighs only 59 pounds? We take 10′ of our durable 14-ounce vinyl, add 10-ounce vinyl for the drops, plus 2 rows of D-rings for easy tie-down with rubber straps so you can kiss those backaches goodbye. Our tarp is an amazing 27 pounds lighter than our regular 18 oz. wallboard lumber tarps, making it the easiest to handler and use.

Use as a wallboard tarp, OSB tarp, plywood tarp, sheet-rock tarp, lumber tarp, or gypsum board tarp.  Cover and protect your cargo with our easy-to-use lightweight wallboard tarp!

We are the Original Online Truck Tarp Company.  We Have been around long enough to know you need the best at the best price!  We love giving you discounts that just can't be beaten! Thank you, to all the Truckers that keep us on the road!

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  • Heavy-Duty Grommets

    Our grommets are #4 brass grommets with 4-layer, double-lock stitching for heavy-duty webbing reinforcements.

  • Reinforced D-Rings

    Double-lock stitched seat belt material reinforced D-Rings will ensure your tarp stays secure and tied down.

  • Weather Proof Materials

    We use nothing but the best water-proof coated vinyl that can withstand temperatures up to -30F to protect your precious cargo.