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3" x 20' Lift Sling

3" x 20' Lift Sling

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Ancra Cargo Lifting Sling - Heavy-Duty Strength and Reliability

The Ancra Cargo Lifting Sling is the ultimate solution for your lifting and cargo-securing needs. With its heavy-duty double-ply webbing construction, this 3-inch x 20-foot lifting sling offers double the working load limit compared to single-ply slings, providing exceptional strength and durability.

Key Features:

  • Heavy-Duty Double-Ply Webbing: The double-ply webbing design ensures superior strength and reliability, making it ideal for demanding lifting applications. It offers double the working load limit compared to single-ply slings, giving you peace of mind during your lifting operations.
  • Tapered Loop Eye-to-Eye Design: The sling features a tapered loop eye-to-eye design, allowing for improved choke hitches and secure lifting of cargo. The tapered loops provide a reliable and efficient method for securing and lifting your loads.
  • Reinforced Loops and Protective Wear Sleeve: The sling is equipped with reinforced loops to reduce wear at bearing points, enhancing its durability and longevity. Additionally, a protective wear sleeve is included to resist damage that can occur with consistent use, ensuring a prolonged service life.
  • Lightweight and Moisture Resistant: Made from polyester material, the lifting sling offers a lightweight construction while stretching less than nylon. It also provides improved resistance to moisture, making it suitable for various lifting applications.
  • Compliant with Industry Standards: The 3-inch x 20-foot double-ply lifting sling complies with WSTDA WS-1-Type IV Wrapped Bearing Point Web Sling standards. It features a visible blue polyester marker thread and industry-compliant WSTDA tri-lingual sewn warning tags with a permanent placard affixed to the webbing.
  • Standard Capacities: The lifting sling has the following standard capacities for the three sling variants: Vertical: 8,800 lbs; Choker: 7,000 lbs; Basket: 17,600 lbs.


  • Sling Webbing Size: 3" x 20'
  • Material: Polyester
  • Construction: Double-Ply
  • Reinforced Loops: Yes
  • Protective Wear Sleeve: Yes
  • Standard Capacities: Vertical: 8,800 lbs; Choker: 7,000 lbs; Basket: 17,600 lbs

With the Ancra Cargo Lifting Sling, you can trust in its heavy-duty strength and reliability for all your lifting and cargo securing needs. Whether you need to lift heavy loads or secure your cargo during transportation, this double-ply sling provides the durability and performance you can depend on. Choose for top-quality cargo lifting solutions.

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