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6 Gauge Dual Conductor Wire

6 Gauge Dual Conductor Wire

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Our 6 Gauge Duplex Wire, specially designed for electric tarp systems, providing reliable connectivity and smooth operation for your automatic tarping needs. With a length of 120 feet, this heavy-duty electrical wire ensures durability and optimal performance even in rugged conditions.

Convenient Ordering: Please note that the quantity you select to put in your cart corresponds to the length of wire you will receive. Simply choose the quantity you need, and we'll provide the continuous length accordingly.

Product Features:

  • Electric Tarp Systems: Our 6 Gauge Dual Conductor Wire is specifically crafted for use with electric tarp systems, serving as a crucial link between the motor and your Switch Kit.

  • Smooth Tarp Operation: Connect the wire from your motor to the Switch Kit to enable seamless and automatic tarp system operation, ensuring effortless and efficient tarping.

  • Customizable Length: Available in a 120-foot length, you have the flexibility to choose the right wire size based on the positioning of your switch kit and motor, ensuring a perfect fit for your specific setup.

  • Rugged and Durable: Built to withstand harsh weather conditions and wind deflection, this heavy-duty electrical wire is designed for long-lasting performance and reliability.

Key Benefits:

  • Suitable for Electric Tarp Systems
  • Ensures Smooth and Automatic Tarp Operation
  • Customizable Length for Perfect Fit
  • Resilient and Reliable in Rugged Conditions
  • Easy and Convenient Ordering Process

Enhance Your Tarping System: Upgrade your electric tarping setup with our dependable 6 Gauge Dual Conductor Wire, tailored to meet the demands of your tarp system. Experience hassle-free operation and secure your cargo with ease.

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