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7' x 12' Dump Truck Mesh Tarp

7' x 12' Dump Truck Mesh Tarp

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7' x 12' Dump Truck Mesh Tarp fits on just about any manual or electric Dump Tarp System. With Heavy-Duty reinforcements and double-lock stitching all around it will give you tons of use! 7' x 12' Dump Truck Mesh Tarp 5" Pole Pocket for a snug fit to reduce wear and extend the life of the tarp #4 Brass Grommets for roll bar attachment 4 Layer Edges, includes webbing for extra strength!

  • 5-Point Sleeve Webbing Reinforced!
    • Vinyl Reinforced Pocket!
    • 4 Layer Edges!
    • Made of Heavy-Duty Gorilla Mesh!
    • One Piece Tarp, NO Seams!

    Our Mesh Tarps make a great replacement tarp for your manual tarp system or your standard electric tarp system. A breathable mesh airflow tarp that allows for versatile loads from sod or plants to gravel or sand.

    This IS one of the toughest tarps you can buy.  Custom handmade in our shop by our team of American craftsmen.  We stand by our tarps and guarantee your satisfaction!

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    • Heavy-Duty Grommets

      Our grommets are #4 brass grommets with 4 layer, double-lock stitching for heavy-duty webbing reinforcements.

    • Reinforced Gorilla Mesh

      Our one piece, seemless gorilla mesh tarps are made with an extra durable PVD poly-coated fiber material.

    • 5" Reinforced Pole Pocket

      Our dump truck taprs have a 5" pole loop/pocket that is double-lock stitched to reduce wear and tear to extend the life of your tarp.