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7' x 20' Dump Truck Mesh Tarp

7' x 20' Dump Truck Mesh Tarp

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7' x 20' Dump Truck Mesh Tarp fits on just about any manual or electric Dump Tarp System. With Heavy-Duty reinforcements and double-lock stitching all around it will give you tons of use! 7' x 20' Dump Truck Mesh Tarp 4" Pole Pocket for a snug fit to reduce wear and extend the life of the tarp #4 Brass Grommets for roll bar attachment 4 Layer Edges, includes webbing for extra strength Webbing reinforcements down the Vinyl-reinforced sleeve One Piece tarp made of Gorilla Mesh with NO Seams and all the reinforcements makes this one of the toughest tarps you can buy.

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  • Heavy-Duty Grommets

    Our grommets are #4 brass grommets with 4 layer, double-lock stitching for heavy-duty webbing reinforcements.

  • Reinforced Gorilla Mesh

    Our one piece, seemless gorilla mesh tarps are made with an extra durable PVD poly-coated fiber material.

  • 5" Reinforced Pole Pocket

    Our dump truck taprs have a 5" pole loop/pocket that is double-lock stitched to reduce wear and tear to extend the life of your tarp.