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8 Gauge Metal Chain Protector

8 Gauge Metal Chain Protector

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Our 8 Gauge Metal Chain Protector is a reliable solution for safeguarding your cargo and chain tie-downs, especially when dealing with steel coils and other metal loads. This heavy-duty chain protector is designed to withstand tough conditions and provide maximum protection during transportation.

Key Features:

  • Durable 8 Gauge Metal Construction: The chain protector is crafted with sturdy 8 gauge metal, ensuring it can handle the demands of securing heavy metal loads.

  • Galvanized Plated Finish: The chain protector features a galvanized plated finish, providing excellent rust resistance and durability for long-lasting use.

Versatile and Essential for Cargo Protection: This chain protector is essential for protecting your cargo and chain tie-downs. It acts as a reliable buffer between your chain assembly and sharp or abrasive edges on your metal loads. Whether you're transporting steel coils, bricks, blocks, or other abrasive products, this chain protector will help prevent facial wear and damage to your cargo and chains.

Easy to Use and Install: Simply place the edge protector between your chain assembly and the sharp edge of your load, and it will act as a protective barrier. This quick and straightforward installation ensures that your cargo remains intact and undamaged during transit.


  • Construction: 8 Gauge Metal
  • Finish: Galvanized Plated
  • Application: Steel Coils, Metal Loads, Abrasive Products

Protect Your Load with Confidence: When transporting valuable and heavy metal loads, you need a reliable chain protector to ensure their safe arrival at the destination. Our 8 Gauge Metal Chain Protector provides the peace of mind and protection you need during transportation.

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