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Deluxe Fitted Smoke Tarp

Deluxe Fitted Smoke Tarp

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Our Deluxe Fitted Smoke Tarp is 8' wide x 5' tall x 2' deep. Grommet in the hem and made from durable waterproof 18 oz. vinyl.

Nose smoke tarps are used to protect very small loads from dirt, soot, and other debris. Nose-fitted smoke tarps are sometimes used alone to only protect the front top of the load and sometimes they are used in conjunction with basic lumber or steel tarps to cover a full load, which reduces the weight of the individual tarps. We build these with precision heat-sealed seams for dependable waterproofing! Heavy-duty edges, reinforced grommets, reinforced d-rings, and double lock stitching make this a tarp of choice when transporting!

Weight 13 lbs. each - Price is per tarp

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